I am no longer sharing my personal copy of the Hebrew Records.

For those "lost tribes", if you have been called a "Caucasian" or your name stems from an Anglo-Saxon (Saxon means Yitsḥaq's Sons [Isaac]) that are white (Germanic, Gaelic, Irish, Switzerland, France, Canada, American, Norway, Denmark, Scottish, Australian, New Zealand, YOU are the TRUE Hebrew Yisra’ĕlites (Israelites). I highly recommend looking into this matter as we are the seed of our fathers who were dispersed out of the Causasus Mountians around 721 BC/BCE. (my birth last name is Anglo-Saxon (germanic) which is Yehuḏah (the real Jews). You can simply search "YOURLASTNAME last name origin" to begin your journey.

YOU are not "lost", YOU just forgot WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU came from.

As per the 'parable of the bulls' in the book of Ḥanoḵ (enoch):
If you are of 'black origin', your seed is Yapheth.
If you are of 'red (tan) origin', your seed is Ḥam.
If you are of 'white origin' your seed is Shĕm.

The Hebrews are strictly the seed of Aḇraham, Yitsḥaq, Ya‛aqoḇ from the promise of JWJY TA and are white seed. Those who are not from this lineage and are of the white seed and have not been tracked as a Caucasion or Anglo-Saxon, you are still from Shĕm. (and Ĕsau Ya‛aqoḇ brother)

If you believe the book of Ḥanoḵ (enoch) is false or the parable, YOU are greatly decieved and are ONLY decieving YOURSELF. This also means YOU believe the WORD of JWJY TA to be FALSE. I highly recommend accepting WHO YOU ARE, and WHERE YOU CAME FROM and turn to JWJY TA accordingly.

I urge all to seek JWJY TA through `WSWJY ha Mashiyaḵ. They are two separate beings. Creator and Messiah. As one, but two separate.

As JWJY TA is an Ĕlohim close by.

No more two face liars, falsies or betrayers.


If you truly seek JWJY TA by the blood of `WSWJY ha Mashiyaḵ, you may contact me and we can go from there.

If you contact me with ill words or outside seeking the Creator, then CURSED be YOU and your sons seven times seventy-fold for any unpleasantries.

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